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We believe that wellbeing is an essential part of every child's ability to learn.

Our intelligent service brings measurement, support, and action together in one central platform, helping you take a holistic approach to the wellbeing of your students.

The Service
What is Tranquiliti?
Holistic understanding

Students answer weekly questions that build a complete picture of their wellbeing and educational life, helping their teachers to understand and support them.

Impactful action

Our ready-made activities and strategies make it quick and easy for teachers and leaders to take actions that have a positive impact on the wellbeing of their students.

Universal support

Our app gives every student access to personalised wellbeing support, helping them to understand themselves, and reach out for trusted help both inside and outside of school.

Meaningful change

We support our schools to embed the service into their everyday practices, so the whole community benefits from a truly proactive approach to wellbeing.

What people say
“Tranquiliti is innovative, engaging and extremely useful to young people. They understand the needs of schools, staff and young people and have tailored the service accordingly.”
Image - Tim Milburn
Tim Milburn, Deputy Headteacher
Harrogate Grammar School
“Tranquiliti has been instrumental in providing my staff with an interactive way of tracking students’ mental health and wellbeing, while at the same time empowering students to seek early help and manage their own mental health and wellbeing. I’d highly recommend it to other secondary schools.”
Image - Lewis Adams
Lewis Adams, Assistant Headteacher
“We're proud to back Tranquiliti; their youth-led approach to tackling mental health issues is needed now more than ever.”
Image - Essie North
Essie North, CEO
“Tranquiliti is a powerful, new method for improving wellbeing throughout the academic year, and we’re very happy to be collaborating with them.”
Image - Kirsten Naude
Kirsten Naude, Head of Strategy, Products & Services
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