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A unified wellbeing service for your school.

We help secondary schools provide proactive support at a student, classroom and whole school level.

Our solution
Our impact

Through our app, students answer a weekly check-in on how they are feeling. Tranquiliti then generates insights and provides personalised guidance to students, teachers and leaders.

How it works
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Weekly check-in.

Students spend five minutes each week - either at home or at school - answering quick questions on their wellbeing and life at school.

Actionable insights.

Students and staff access intuitive insights across 40+ areas of wellbeing that are relevant to them and their role.

Class discussions.

Teachers facilitate quick weekly discussions that are chosen and led by students, with insights from each class informing the conversations.

Wellbeing resources.

Based on the insights, every student and staff member receives personalised suggestions for high-quality resources and activities.

Tranquiliti is flexible and has been designed to work in any context. That means that no matter your policies or digital capacity, our solution can help your students flourish.

For students
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Our app - accessible on mobile or web - helps students express how they feel, access trusted support and grow into more resilient learners.

Weekly check-in.

Engaging questions that amplify the voice of students and develop a culture of reflection and communication.

Insights and tips.

Personalised feedback and guidance that helps students better understand and manage themselves and their own wellbeing.

Class discussions.

Student and insight-led discussions that foster agency and build students' ability and confidence talking about wellbeing.

Personalised recommendations.

High-quality resources that develop skills and provide support, and nudges towards pastoral staff in school.

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“Tranquiliti is important to have in schools where it is difficult to help everyone, and it makes it easier for students to express how they feel.”
For teachers
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Our platform gives teachers a deeper understanding of their class and recommends impactful tools to develop a supportive classroom environment.

Class insights.

Actionable insights into their class that build understanding and prompt meaningful interactions with students.

Class discussions.

Ready-made discussions that respond to the needs of students and build open and inclusive classroom environments.

Tips and resources.

Personalised suggestions for bitesize resources and content that help teachers upskill around wellbeing.

Recommended actions.

Easy access to interventions and activities that help teachers develop stronger relationships with students.

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“Tranquiliti has changed how I interact with my class, and I now understand what we need to work on together.”
For leaders
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Our platform gives pastoral leaders a deeper understanding of their school and recommends impactful tools to develop individual and whole-school wellbeing.

Cohort insights.

Actionable insights, including patterns and trends across cohorts, that enable proactive decision-making.

Student profiles.

Holistic insights that help flag and assist students that could benefit from further support.

Tips and resources.

Personalised suggestions for bitesize resources and content that help leaders upskill around wellbeing.

Recommended actions.

Easy access to interventions and strategies that help leaders develop wellbeing and a supportive school climate.

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“I’d highly recommend Tranquiliti to other schools because otherwise this kind of improvement strategy is hard to implement.”
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Attend an online workshop to tailor Tranquiliti to your school and make decisions on how the service will work for you, guided by our knowledge of best practice from other schools.


We integrate Tranquiliti into your systems so that we can set-up secure accounts, add resources relevant to you, and give your school easy access to the service.


Teachers and leaders use digital modules to learn more about Tranquiliti in under 30 minutes, and you can track and encourage completion through your platform.


Teachers use materials directly from the platform to raise awareness within your community and launch the service with your students.

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We’ve developed a simple, four-step implementation process which you can manage directly through your platform.

Our team will continue to work with you beyond the launch to ensure Tranquiliti delivers real impact for your school.

Case studies

Hear from one of our schools on how they've used Tranquiliti to support student wellbeing:

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