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our solution
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For as little as 5 minutes each week, in Form Time, PHSE, or even as homework, each student uses our app to answer questions on how they are doing both personally and academically. 

Tranquiliti has been designed to work in any secondary school. This means that irrespective of your school’s context, policies, or digital capacity, Tranquiliti can amplify the voice of your students, provide them with easy access to personalised wellbeing support, and help you make sure they’re ready to learn.

Why Tranquiliti
See the whole child

We measure across over 50 Areas, from Resilience to Focus in Class, so that staff can understand and improve the different aspects that make a successful education.

Empower pastoral staff

Our insights are simple and actionable so that all pastoral staff can feel confident supporting students at both an individual and cohort level.

Give students agency

Our service helps schools listen to students, and gives them agency in the areas that matter. This is key to improving wellbeing, belonging and engagement at school.

Support early intervention

Our system integrates into life at school, and works for individual students and the whole school to promote proactive approaches to wellbeing and mental health.

Image - Tranquiliti approach
For schools

Tranquiliti’s intelligent system continually analyses and learns, selecting the best questions for your school, and producing student-centred insights for staff, all accessible through our simple and intuitive dashboard.


Tailored dashboards - staff access dashboards tailored to their role at school. This means that your Form Tutors, Heads of Year and Pastoral Team can understand and proactively support the students that they’re responsible for.

Deep analysis - staff can see how cohorts of students are doing, including by Form, Year Group, Gender, and SEND Status. We show change over time, as well as comparisons between groups, enabling data-led decisions across wellbeing and learning.

Student profiles (coming soon) - pastoral staff can see personal profiles of the students relevant to them. These profiles show scores on 24 of the Areas that we measure, helping your staff support their students’ social and emotional health, personal growth, and happiness at school.

Comprehensive measurement - staff receive a continuous measurement of your students’ mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their readiness to learn, and wider experiences at school. See What We Measure for a full breakdown of our Domains.

“Tranquiliti helps me to structure my time with the students, and makes sure I can respond to what’s going on with them.”
Harrogate Grammar School
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For students

Students can access Tranquiliti through a computer or our mobile app. This means that wherever they are, be it at home or school, their voice is heard, and they are connected to relevant and trusted support.


“Tranquiliti is important to have in schools where there are so many people it is difficult to help everyone, and it makes it easier for students to express how they feel.”

Weekly questions - all students communicate with school by answering 12 quick questions each week about their wellbeing, academics and wider school life. All of our questions are drawn from validated research.

Personal insights - students can see their personal profile, showing them how they’re doing in areas such as Problem Solving and Positive Thinking. This helps them better understand themselves, and where they might need further support.

Tailored resources - students can access a library of trusted mental health and wellbeing support, including videos, apps, services, and national helplines, as well as services specific to your school and local area. They receive personalised suggestions for support based on their responses to the weekly questions.

Access to support - students can see who is in the pastoral and mental health team at your school, and can quickly and discreetly communicate with them about any issues they’re having.

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What we measure

We measure across 9 Domains, covering a range of over 50 Areas, including Emotional Skills, Friendships, Identifying Strengths, Motivation, and even Inclusivity at School, giving a full picture of what is going on.

Our areas and questions have been selected for their evidenced importance to each student’s happiness, wellbeing and success at school.

Image - illustration of the nine domains that Tranquiliti measures, across Personal Wellbeing and Educational Life
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In development

Predictive outcomes - Tranquiliti will link into existing school data-sets and analyse the impact of wellbeing on academic performance in each school.

Improvement tracker - senior staff will be able to track the impact of interventions and policies, and select areas they want additional feedback and insight on.

Staff resources - pastoral staff will have access to a database of training, resources and services to help them deliver effective support and signposting to students.

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